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Orchard Lodge Environmental Policy

The village of Boscastle, the Valency Valley and the dramatic north Cornwall coast have some of the most beautiful scenery you could find anywhere. In fact, it’s probably the reason you decided to spend your valuable holiday time here. The population of Cornwall is around half a million – yet every year this number swells to around five and a half million!

Here at Orchard Lodge b&b, we decided that if Cornwall is going to remain as beautiful for your grandchildren as it is for you, then we needed to take action. We are members of CoaST – the Cornwall Sustainable Tourism Project and a green ethos runs through the heart of our business.  We want to show we care about the environment we live in – and not just drain it of its resources to earn our living.

These are just some of the things we do:

  • We have installed a central heating system which uses a condensing boiler, to cut down on carbon emissions and save energy. The system is compatible for use with solar panels which we have also installed.
  • All our appliances have been certified ‘A’ grade for efficiency.
  • We monitor our use of oil, electricity and water – to try to make savings.
  • We have a 100% renewable tariff for our electricity.
  • We recycle our plastics, cardboard, tins, aluminium, bottles, newspapers and old fabrics.
  • We buy as much of our food and ingredients from local suppliers as we can, to support their businesses and cut down on food miles.
  • We use low energy LED light bulbs wherever possible.
  • We offer discounts to guests who arrive by public transport, on foot or bike.*

As a responsible visitor these are some of the things you can do to help Cornwall:

  • Ask for clean towels, by putting the used ones in the shower, only when you need them, not every day.
  • Use the jute CoaST bags in your room for recyclable rubbish like plastic bottles and newspapers.
  • Turn off all the lights when you leave your room.
  • Turn off electrical appliances at the wall when you finish using them.
  • Try using public transport for some of your days out while you’re here – if you want to visit somewhere close by, we might be able to help!

All these are small things – but if five and a half million of us do them every year… just imagine…!

*Discounts are available, subject to terms and conditions.

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