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Plenty To Do Even When It’s Less Than Sunny

Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

Coast path to Boscastle

So, we’re now well and truly under way. The house has changed, improvements made, builders, joiners, electricians, plumbers and sundry other artisan types have finally de-camped and some of our first guests have had a jolly good time and gone, too.  We’ve even managed to get some new garden furniture ordered. A busy time but all well worth it, we think. It was sad to see our regular  b&b guests leave  for the last time, but we’re delighted some are being attracted back and looking forward to taking over the whole house.  We’ve already met some wonderful people who’ve booked Orchard Lodge for their family get together or anniversary event and we’re sure to be seeing many more over the coming months. Now, it may not have been great weather in your part of the world these past two weeks and unfortunately the same can be said of north Cornwall, too. However, the early spring (oh yes it is) does produce it’s own attractions even when it’s a bit misty and occasionally a little damp, it all adds to the atmosphere and interest. Just this morning I was out for a regular ramble across the cliff tops towards Tintagel and, as always, had to pause just to appreciate the scenery. Who could ever tire of those breaking waves, the craggy cliffs, the coast path and, oh yes…the rolling mist?  Indeed: Boscastle beckons. Better get a move on, get some friends or family together and come on down, the water may not exactly be warm  just at this moment, but the welcome will be…and there’s  still an awful lot to see!

Wheelbarrows at Orchard Lodge self cateringDaffodils at Orchard Lodge, Boscastle
Orchard Lodge Apple

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