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Poldark, Doc Martin and More Steamy Scenes

Wednesday, August 9th, 2017

Well, that’s it, then; Sunday nights won’t be the same again until next summer although, in the meantime, scores of you will be here searching out the scenes, looking for the locations and probably having a great time checking out the characters…of Poldark, that is. He and George have left the Cornish beaches, Demelza has dallied in the dunes and the wicked vicar is off in search of, well, whatever wayward clerics seek out (he deserves a footnote all of his own). When the BBC brings us back to Poldark he may well be in Westminster, probably bringing Cornish common sense to Brexit. Doc Martin, of course, has no such difficulties, and as many visitors discovered he’s been out and about on camera as shooting has continued in nearby Port Isaac for the next series, due on your ITV screen later this year. Anyway, talk of steamy scenes brings us very neatly to railways. If you happened to catch the documentary on Britain’s latest and last steam locomotive, Tornado, the other night, you’ll know what I mean. Hope you like my picture of the historic engine taken when it made a “flying” visit to the Bodmin and Wenford Railway recently. Off screen, the holiday season here continues apace and despite what the weather folk may have said it’s been pretty darn good, as you can see from pictures we took the other day on a very pleasant walk from Tintagel to Boscastle harbour. If you’re lucky and get the family or friends together there’s still some time left to enjoy Cornwall here at Orchard Lodge, in September!

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