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A welcome return – nine years on…

Saturday, July 2nd, 2016

Walkers in Cornwall

You know, one of the really nice things about this job – and there are lots of them – is welcoming returning guests. There are those who, like summer swallows, return each year; there are some we may see every two or three years and there are some who, when we’ve almost forgotten them, quietly drop in to remind us of what a smashing time they had in Cornwall all those years ago. And so it was this week, just when we thought the breakfast room was turning into a mini United Nations with guests from Germany, America, Switzerland, Austria and even Peru, a very jolly family from Norway arrived. They’d had such a good time at Orchard Lodge nine years ago they felt they just had to return. Good to see them, we couldn’t get the weather quite as sunny as it was in 2007 but, as we Brits are fond of saying, it wasn’t too bad, all things considered. They enjoyed rekindling their recollections of Boscastle and found plenty of new places to explore on the north Cornwall coast. In the end you see, although this part of the south west is truly wonderful when the sun shines it doesn’t really matter that much, there are so many things to see and do whatever the weather. Why don’t you come and find out for yourself, you’ll be very welcome – wherever you’re from.

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