We follow all government and WHO cleaning guidelines using NHS and WHO approved disinfectants. Additionally we also steam clean non removable soft furnishings.

Before You Depart.

Are you and the rest of your party fit to travel?

Please visit to review the latest government information regarding Covid19.

If you or any of your party develop or have any symptoms of Covid-19 within 14 days of your holiday or receive a track and trace alert you must inform us straight away or at least 48 hours before you go.

Please also inform us if this occurs within the last 48 hours before departing for your holiday. You will need to check your travel insurance regarding their cancellation guidelines.

Guests showing signs of Covid-19 are required to go for a test.

If positive, the guest must immediately leave if this is reasonably possible. If for any reason this is not, and self isolation is required at Orchard Lodge all fees for all bookings affected by this self isolation will be borne by the guest.

There are a few items that in the past wouldn’t have made your holiday essentials list, but it would be wise for you to consider packing the following items alongside your sun cream and beach towels: Face masks – useful if you are visiting any popular tourist attractions, where the volume of people might make it difficult to social distance. Fabric masks should be washed each day so you may need to think about packing a few if you are planning regular days out.

Disposable gloves – if you need to top the car up with fuel or use an electric vehicle charger en-route.

Hand sanitiser – for when out and about, where it may not be possible to wash your hands.

Disinfectant wipes

First aid kit – including Paracetamol and a thermometer.

Picnic blanket

Wind break or markers – if you are concerned about social distancing at the beach or in the park, then a wind break or similar may help guide small children to a ‘safe’ zone.

Tickets / advance bookings – if you are planning to visit a local attraction, you may need to book in advance while entrance numbers are reduced, to allow social distancing. Please check before you leave and if possible book your slot in advance.

Card and board games, DVDs, books, scavenger hunts and more – you may want to think about a few games to enjoy at your holiday home. If you have visited the property previously and there have been games, DVDs and books, these have been removed for your safety.

Pillows and pillow cases – you may want to consider bringing your own pillow and pillowcases (these will still be provided but you may prefer to use your own).

All our bedding and towels are delivered from the laundry prior to your stay and laundered at high temperatures for your safety.

Clothes detergent – you may want to wash items such as your face masks frequently whilst away.

Food – if your local shops are currently busy, then the ones in smaller towns and tourist destinations are likely to be even busier. Many of the big supermarkets have more delivery slots opening up, particularly if you order in advance. When arranging key collection, you could ask the owner about local farm shops, which may be offering deliveries too.

Pets – if you are bringing your pet, please remember to bring the bed, blankets and towels as well as their food and water bowls.

You may want to consider bringing throws for the furniture.

Check-in times

With the additional cleaning requirements, your check-in and check-out times are as follows:

Bookings are between 5:00 PM on the arrival day and 9:00 AM on the day of departure.

To ensure your safety and guests arriving after you. Please ensure you strictly adhere to these times.

While You Are Away. If you, or any of your party become ill or display any symptoms of Covid-19 or receive a track and trace alert while you are at the property, you should call us straight away.

Cushions and soft furnishings. Items such as cushions and soft furnishings have been removed for your safety.

Waste and bins. Ensure all rubbish and waste is disposed of properly in secured bags and left in the location advised by the owner.

Returning to the property after a day out please sanitize hands before entering the property.


You are not permitted to invite additional guests back to the property.

Before You Depart

Please ensure that the property is left in the same condition that you found it.

Please remove all food from the cupboards and fridge before you leave.

Please ensure all dishes are washed and put away. If possible put the dishwasher (where appropriate) on the night before and empty.

On the day of departure, please take all linen from the beds, including sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers. Please leave all linen and towels in a pile in the ensuites.

Return keys to the key safe or place specified.

We hope you enjoy your holiday. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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