The village of Boscastle boasts a proud history. Families lived and worked here long before the 11th Century Norman Conquest. Its ancient harbour, though tiny and perilous, remains almost unchanged since Tudor times and has seen the comings and goings of thousands of ships from sail to steam. Some would leave here for a new life in America and the New World. Author and poet Thomas Hardy, Dickens and the artist Turner were among the many to seek inspiration from the rugged, enchanting coastline.

More recently, the events of August 2004 propelled the village onto the world’s front pages. The worst storm in living memory brought a wall of water down the valleys, through homes and shops, into the harbour and out to sea, though mercifully without loss of life. With the dreadful damage now repaired, the buildings restored or replaced, Boscastle’s future as a sought-after premier holiday location and conservation area is now secure.

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