Terms & Conditions

Orchard Lodge Self Catering Cancellation Policy and Terms and Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully.

Your booking
1.Your contract with us will be on the terms set out in these terms and conditions.
2.All bookings are formally confirmed when the required deposit is paid.
3.The person making the booking will be responsible for all members of the party. You, as the person in charge of your party, must be at least 18 years old at the time of booking.
4. We do not accept stag or hen parties.

Paying for your stay
1.For bookings made more than six weeks in advance you must pay us 30% of the total amount payable for your booking at the time of booking. We must then receive the balance by the date set out in your confirmation invoice (which will generally be six weeks before the start of your stay).
2.For bookings made less than six weeks in advance, you must pay us the total amount payable for your booking at the time of booking.
3.If you fail to make the relevant payment within 14 days of the date it is due, we will assume that you wish to cancel your booking. If this happens, your booking will immediately be cancelled and the cancellation charges set out in Section 2 of “If you want to cancel your booking” will apply.
4.Prices include all charges for water, electricity, gas and oil.
5.You must inform us of the names, and ages of all people who will be occupying the property during your stay, including pets.

If you want to cancel your booking
1.If you wish to cancel a confirmed booking you must let us know by email or in writing as soon as possible. Your booking will be cancelled with effect from the day we receive your email or written notification.

2.If you cancel your booking within 48 hours your deposit will be returned in full. If you cancel your booking between 48 hours and the day before your balance is due the deposit will not be refunded. If you cancel your booking between six weeks and four weeks before your arrival 50% of the balance paid will be refunded. If you cancel your booking within four weeks of your arrival no money will be refunded.

Covid 19. For bookings placed post January 8th 2021. These new terms and conditions apply to cancellations.

1.If your booking has to be cancelled because Orchard Lodge is put under Government Restrictions and has to close and the period of closure covers your booking, you will be refunded in full.

2. In the event that your given address is put into Local/Regional Lockdown, rendering you unable to travel, and the period of restriction covers your booking, you will be refunded in full.

If you want to change your booking
1.If you want to change any detail of your confirmed booking you must let us know by telephone, by email or in writing as soon as possible.
2.Whilst we will do our best to accommodate you, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to meet any request for changes. Please note that it may not possible for us to change bookings less than two months before the start date.
3.If we do change your booking, you must pay us a charge of £25 to cover the costs we incur in making the change to your booking. You must also pay us any additional rental costs due as a result of the change – we will confirm the amount of any additional rental costs due at the time we change your booking. If your rental costs are lower as a result of the change we will refund you the difference at the time we change your booking.

If we need to change or cancel your booking
1.We do not expect to have to make changes to your booking, however sometimes problems happen and bookings have to be changed or cancelled. We will only change or cancel your booking if necessary to perform or complete essential remedial or refurbishment works or for other reasons unforeseen at the time you made your booking which are beyond our reasonable control.
2.If we do need to change or cancel your booking, we will do our best to offer you a suitable alternative date. If we are not able to offer you a suitable alternative, or if you do not accept the alternative we offer, we will refund you the total amount you have paid us for the booking. We shall not accept any further liability to you.

Visitor standards and behaviour
1.You will be provided with a welcome pack on arrival that contains important information about your stay. Please ensure that you and your party read it carefully on arrival. You must also ensure that you and your party familiarise yourselves with the layout of the house, the fire alarm system, the fire extinguishers and the location of the fire exits.
2.You must only use the house for the purposes of your holiday. You must not use the house for any other purpose, including for any business purposes.
3.You must keep the house and its contents clean and tidy and leave them in the same condition as when you arrived.
4.You must not use the house, or allow it to be used, for any dangerous, offensive, noisy, illegal or immoral activities. You must not cause any nuisance or annoyance to any neighbours or anyone else during your stay.
5.EV charging with cable, Smoking and Vaping is not permitted in any part of the house. You and your party must not use candles, indoor fireworks, Chinese lanterns or any other naked flames in the house. You may only use fireworks in the grounds if you have received written permission from us. If using the woodburner you must comply with the instructions, particularly regarding the appropriate fuel to use for your safety.
6.Please note that if you do not comply with the standards and behaviours we may need to exercise our rights under the section “Our right to evict”.

We welcome two well behaved pets.
We do not provide pet beds or bowls.
Pets are restricted to downstairs hard floor surfaces only (kitchen/dining area and conservatory)
You must not allow pets on beds or on furniture within the Property and pets must not be left alone in the Property or outside at any time.
If you break these terms we may notify you that you have broken these terms and if you continue to do so may end the Rental Contract and require you and your Guests to leave the Property before the end of the Holiday Period.
You should remove all traces (inside and outside) from the Property of pet occupation before you and your Guests’ vacate the Property at the end of the Holiday Period.
We may make an additional, reasonable charge for professional cleaning required after you and your Guests’ occupancy due to any pets that have stayed at the Property.
You will be liable for all damage caused by you and your Guests’ pets.

Maximum occupancy
1.You must ensure that the maximum number of persons occupying the house does not exceed 10. You must not bring additional camp beds to the house or allow tents, caravans or campervans at the house.
2.Exceeding the maximum occupancy limit can overload facilities and lead to extensive damage. As such, we reserve the right to require you to leave the premises (without any compensation).
3.If you wish to hold a party or other celebration that would cause you to exceed the maximum occupancy limit, you must obtain our written permission.

Damage to the house or its contents
1.If you discover that anything is missing or damaged on arrival you must notify us immediately. If you do not notify us we will assume that you caused the relevant damage or loss.
2.You will be responsible for the cost of any significant accidental damage you or your party cause to the house or its contents in excess of £100. So, for example, if you cause accidental damage of £500, you will need to pay us £400.
3.You will be responsible for 100% of the cost of any non-accidental damage you or your party cause to the house or its contents. Any loss or damage caused by your failure to meet the requirements set out in these terms and conditions will be considered non-accidental damage.

If you have a problem or complaint
We take care to ensure that our house is of a high standard. However, if you have any problems, please contact us immediately and give us the opportunity to resolve it.

Our rights of access
1.We may need to access the house if there is an unforeseen problem, to investigate a complaint you have made, or to perform certain routine property checks. If this happens, we will do our best to let you know in advance of the date and time that we will need access.
2.In the summer it may be necessary for the lawns to be mowed during your stay. We will try to ensure this is done during times convenient to you
3.If your stay with us lasts more than seven days, we will need to access the accommodation in order to clean and to change the linen.
4.If we do need to access the house we will always try to do so at reasonably convenient times (other than in the event of an emergency).

Our right to evict
We may terminate our contract with you and ask you to leave the house immediately (without any compensation being payable) if:
a. we consider that you or your party have committed a serious breach of these terms and conditions;
b. we consider that you or your party’s behaviour endangers safety.
c. any complaints are made of anti-social or unacceptable behaviour against you or your party;
d. you or your party cause an unreasonable amount of damage to the house or its contents; or
e. you exceed the maximum occupancy limit.

Our liability to you
We will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by you or any member of your party or to your or their property, except where such loss or damage is due to our negligence. If we are negligent our liability to you will be limited to the loss or damage which was a foreseeable result of such negligence. Except in the case of death or personal injury resulting from our negligence, our total liability to you in respect of any breach of these terms and conditions or tort or other act or omission by us in connection with this contract shall be limited in aggregate to the price agreed to be paid by you for the right to use the property for the period agreed.

Events beyond our control
We will not be responsible for any failure to perform our obligations under these terms and conditions that is caused by an event outside our control. An event outside our control means any act or event that is beyond our reasonable control, including without limitation fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, subsidence, epidemic or other natural disaster, strikes or industrial action by third parties, terrorist attack or threat of terrorist attack, war or threat of war, civil commotion, riot, invasion, or failure of public or private telecommunications networks.

Some practical information for your stay
1.Normally, check-in is available from 17.00 on the first day of your stay and departure is required before 09.00 on the last day of your stay. If you do not leave the house by the required departure time we reserve the right to charge you a late checkout fee.
2.If you leave any of your possessions behind, please contact us as soon as possible. We will hold all lost property for six months, when it will be disposed of.

Governing Law
These terms and conditions are governed by English law. You and we both agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

Discounts and offers
1.Discounts are only valid on new bookings and therefore the offer cannot be applied after a booking has been made.
2.Discounts cannot be combined with any other offers or discount.
3.Discounts can only be used against the value of the holiday and cannot be applied to extras such as logs.
4.Discounts must be booked by the time and date stipulated on the individual offer.
5.We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of any offer at any time without prior notice.
6.Our terms and conditions apply on all bookings made with or without a discount